A Tale of Two Cities
Cobbled Together by the Brothers Lovejoy

One epic. Two brothers. What could go wrong?

Avery and Bunce are brothers who share a dilapidated home. They are obsessed with A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens’ classic story of love and loneliness, rags and riches, revenge and sacrifice set in the turmoil of the French Revolution. They reenact the novel, playing all the characters themselves and putting their own stamp on the dissolute Sidney Carton, the bitter Madame DeFarge, the guileless Lucy, the earnest Darnay and sundry others. As they do, they bicker and revise, endlessly debating how best to tell the story. What are they searching for? Why A Tale of Two Cities? Is this the best of times? Or the worst?

Who's Who

Two Planks Productions

A Tale of Two Cities, Cobbled Together by the Brothers Lovejoy
A Parlor Theatrical by Craig Fols
Based, of course, on Charles Dickens

With Ezra Barnes and Michael Gabriel Goodfriend
Directed by Craig Fols

Set & Prop Design by Jennifer Varbalow
Costume Design by Meghan Reeves
Lighting Design by Edward Matthews
Sound Design by Emily Gordon
Stage Managed by Jackie Mariani
Press by SMC Solutions
Photographer: Joseph Henry Ritter
Graphic Design by Doug Barron

Performance Dates, Location, Tickets

Join us for our first performances as we embark on bringing the brothers Lovejoy Tale to a larger audience in New York and elsewhere!

In Performance Thursday-Saturday, October 21-24, 2021.
Centenary Stage Company, Lackland Performing Arts Center, Centenary University, Hackettstown, New Jersey.
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A Conversation about Tale/Lovejoy With the Artists